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We are so excited to be working alongside, globally renowned as the trusted leader in aromatherapy, Decleor! Decleor provides groundbreaking product innovations, the award-winning AROMESSENCES™ serums, and exceptional professional spa treatments exclusively at The Alchemist Clinic.


At the very heart of DECLÉOR’s success and philosophy are the AROMESSENCES™. These concentrated elixirs of potent Essential Oils are formulated for either the face or body.

Exceptionally finely balanced so they give optimum results every time, each of the AROMESSENCES™ is 100% pure, natural, active and preservative-free. The AROMESSENCES™ not only have an exceptional affinity with the skin, easily penetrating to treat it at the deepest point, but also act as a ‘booster’ to any subsequent products used.

Applying a DECLÉOR AROMESSENCE™ before Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream increases the skin’s hydration by up to 53%. AROMESSENCES™ are so effective that you only need a few drops to release their precious, unrivalled benefits.

Aroma Duo Concept

Every AROMESSENCE™ blend has a corresponding series of extracts from natural origin, that when applied to the skin before the application of an adapted day care moisturizer, act as a true beauty-boosting serum to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your moisturizer. Whether your complexion is normal, sensitive, dry, mature, combination or pigmented – or your body needs refining, firming or simply relaxing – there’s a face or body ‘Aroma Duo’ to give you incredibly beautiful skin.

Facial Pilates

Facial Pilates has been created to provide a natural lift effect, helping improve the contours of the face achieving a visibly re-cushioned effect and a flawless rosy complexion. Inspired by Pilates which helps visibly lift, remodel and re-densify the body from the core, this facial includes a back massage to completely help you to unwind followed by deep cleansing and refining of the skin texture. After three facial massages your therapist will continue to help lift the skin with a massage over the outstanding Energy Youth Concentrate mask to plump and smooth the appearance of lines & wrinkles, and softening so the skin is glowing with rosy youthfulness.

How do essential oils work?

DECLÉOR’s expertise in studying the different actions of essential oils and finding new benefits for skin and senses now spans 35 years, so you can be sure that when you use their products, you’re treating yourself to the very best that science and nature has to offer.

There are 3 important ways in which these potent plant extracts can enhance our bodies and our well-being. Through massage they’re able to enter the bloodstream, causing positive chemical changes in the body. They then have a profound effect on the body, able to stimulate or relax, soothe or revitalize, subject to the oils used. The simple act of inhaling the essence also causes your body and emotions to respond differently.